Red Barn Pottery is home to a 2000 square foot studio that is dedicated to the personal development of ceramic arts by its members, associates, students, and the local pottery community generally. (See Classes).  The guiding inspiration that led the owner, Ruth Zimmerman, to develop her historic barn into a pottery studio was to create an artistic community where individuals could interact with one another socially and artistically, thereby maximizing each member's potential.  That is why the individual studios' walls are only 30 inches high.  They denote the edges of an artist's individual studio, but they do not isolate them from their fellow members.


A work in progress

The Red Barn studio contains 5 10' by 10' private studios that are available for rent at $150. per month.  This fee includes all studio costs except for clay and firing (as discussed below).  Each studio has a large window looking out at the beautiful wooded area surrounding the barn.  Individuals who rent studios (termed "members") will have a key to the studio and 24/7 access.

Associate Members:
Those who wish to have access to a pottery studio to develop their skills and to associate with and learn from other potters, but who do not need to rent an entire private studio space, may wish to instead become an associate member.  Associates' rent is $75. per month.  Associates are provided with a large (about 3 x 4 foot) shelf area to store their tools and pottery in progress.  General studio space is available where pottery can be placed to dry, after it is bisqued and awaiting glazing, and after it is glazed and awaiting firing.  Associates have access to the studio between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. 7 days per week.

One of the occupied shelf space rental areas

One of the occupied shelf space rental areas

Initially, a maximum of 8 associate memberships will be available.  This conservative number will avoid overcrowding and foster a relaxed and collegial atmosphere.  The number may be adjusted as operations proceed, based upon our experience.

Members and associates may purchase clay from Red Barn Pottery at cost.  Unless the owner gives specific permission based on a particular clay's firing characteristics, no outside clay may be brought into, used, or fired in the studio.  Anyone who violates this policy will be banned from Red Barn Pottery.

Members and associates will be responsible for firing of all kilns.  Individual members may utilize the entire firing for their own work, or they may share the firing two or more ways with members or associates.  Using a kiln brings the responsibility for loading, unloading, any damage that occurs to the kiln, returning all kiln furniture to its original location, and for the fuel costs (electricity or propane) of the firing.  In addition, persons responsible for firing the gas kiln will be required to sweep the kiln room, and to undertake a task that benefits everyone in the studio, such as mixing a bucket of glaze for the use of studio members, associates, or students.

Alternatively, those members or associates who wish to fire only small amounts of pottery may wish to discuss including their pottery in kiln loads fired by persons who are responsible for the firing, in exchange for a negotiated price for the pottery's total cubic inches.  Further, as space is available, persons responsible for the firing may arrange to fire student pieces at a per-cubic-inch cost.  

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For more information, or to visit the studio in person, please click the email link below or call Ruth Zimmerman at (517)  881-9457